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Installation service of The Rev. Michele Ward.

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Christmas Eve candlelight service at Brown Memorial

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The Brown Memorial Tutoring Program – Brown Memorial's largest outreach ministry – held eight Christmas parties for the different tutoring sessions.

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Sunday School Fall 2017

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Moses parted the Red Sea and so did we.


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Rally Day is Brown Memorial's celebratory Sunday to begin the new church year. After worship, a potluck lunch took place on the church front steps.

Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary Choir Camp concert July 20

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The Brown Memorial Tutoring Program celebrated the end of the school year with dinner and a program for the students, their families, and their tutors.

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Brown Memorial started Holy Week on April 9 by gathering with its friends from Corpus Christi Catholic Church and Memorial Episcopal Church for the annual neighborhood Palm Procession through Bolton Hill. Credit: Fred Gorman

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On Sunday Jan. 22, 2017, Brown Memorial accepted an invitation to worship with its nearest Presbyterian neighbor, Madison Avenue Presbyterian, in the spirit of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. Credit: Belle Imagery Portraits

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The Sunday School children created an Advent art installation for the sanctuary.

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Brown members traveled to Cuba in Nov. 2016 to explore church partner relationships in the country.

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On Rally Day, our first day of the church program year, worship started and ended with bagpipe music.