Belief Statement

As a congregation that is a part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we are guided by the Reformed tradition, one of the earliest Protestant theological strands. Some convictions that stand out for Brown Memorial include:


Jesus is the foundation of our faith. We believe he’s the foundation for our inclusive welcome, our missional ethic and pretty much everything we do.


We take scripture seriously, but not literally. We study it in classes, we preach from it in worship. We question it and allow it to question us, believing that the stories of our faith challenge and transform us in provocative, adventurous ways. Scripture requires interpretation and we enjoy that work together.


Community is both a blessing and a challenge. In community, we learn how to care for each other through the challenges that life brings. We also learn how to speak the truth in love, work toward common goals and challenge each other to grow into our varied callings. In a fast-paced city, we are intentional about making time and space for real connections that last.

Spiritual Practice

People connect to God in a variety of ways so we offer a variety of opportunities to deepen spiritual practices. From Bible study, to meditation, to prayer services, we strive to help each other develop disciplines that deepen our openness and response to God’s activity in our lives.

Mission and Justice

Mission means “sending.” Just as God sends Jesus to transform our world, God sends the church to participate in God’s transforming work in the world. We strive to listen for God’s voice in our lives and in our church, making every opportunity to respond as individuals and as a community to the places of pain and injustice in our city and world where God is already at work.


God is always trying “a new thing” in us and in our world. We routinely try new ways of worshiping, building community, and acting together in mission and justice, trusting that God treasures our creative spirit and outlook. Our leaders work hard to develop a permission giving culture that values experimentation and risk over the status quo.