Kirwan Commission Update
Nov 10, 2019 at 9:45 AM
Organizer: Rachael Edgin

The state legislature will be debating a bill in 2020 that could increase education funding statewide by $4 billion, including an increase of $832 million for Baltimore City. It will be the centerpiece of the upcoming legislative session.  Join us on Sunday, November 10th to learn what is at stake for the students in Baltimore City -- and for our community as a whole -- and to ask ourselves “what are we willing to do about it?”. The stakes are high - only 20% of 3rd-8th graders in Baltimore City are proficient in English and only 14% of 3rd-8th graders are proficient in math.  But it is not terribly surprising when we look at our city’s budget and note that we only spend 15% of our budget on K-12 education. This is our Kairos moment in Baltimore. Will we step up and demand that our political leaders reprioritize the budget to fulfill Baltimore’s portion of the funding increase ($330 million) or will we continue to fail our young people?  


We will offer two “teach-ins” to accommodate people’s schedules, both will meet in the Assembly Room.  The first will take place during the education hour from 9:45-10:45, and the second will take place over lunch following worship.