"Food From Home" Potluck Dinner
Mar 8, 2020 at 1:45 PM
Organizer: Barbara Cook

The Brown Memorial Ministry of Welcome (“BMMW”) team is making great progress in furthering our relationship with Sacred Heart parishioners.  At our Christmas party with them, the group expressed the desire to share with us their testimonies about how they made the decision to come north and what the journey was like. Although many of their stories are poignant and traumatic, they believe that this will further trust and deepen our relationship together.  

Join us at Sacred Heart Sunday afternoon, March 8, time TBD, for what we're calling a "Food From Home" potluck. 

We are asking Brown Memorial families to bring a dish to share that represents their country of origin or heritage, hence "food from home." Perhaps, if we all bring a dish that reminds us of our "roots" and then share our own stories of how our families came to the US, then this might be a mutual experience of learning about one another.

We will divide into small groups so that speaking won't be so intimidating. Students from Park School Spanish classes will be on hand to assist with translating so, do not worry if you don't speak Spanish.  

Contact Barbara Cook or Ileana Imhoff (BMMW Co-Chairs) if you plan to attend.