Jun 26, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Organizer: Sharon Holley

Our tents will be located in Zone 1 which is on Swann Drive just as you come into the park off Druid Park Drive. Setup time is 8am to 11am. The festival is open to the public from. Chairs and tables are not provided.

A reminder: Swann Drive may be closed off.. Cars will be allowed near the vending areas ( ask at check-in) until 10 am, after which time no cars will be allowed near vending areas. That means, up until 10 am it will be easier to transport your tables/chairs to your vending site. After 10am, you will have to carry them from wherever you park. We didn’t make those rules, but we just follow them.

Another reminder is we are looking for someone who no later than 10am can be onsite and secure our tent space. We know that’s church time for lots of folks, but we, at present don’t have anyone who has volunteered to do this.

Swann Drive

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