Winter Wonderland raises $1,000 for Eutaw-Marshburn

Brown Memorials pose for a group photo in the Winter Wonderland at Eutaw-Marshburn.

Brown Memorial members helped organize a Winter Wonderland store at Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School last week that helped raise more than $1,000 to support enrichment activities for the school’s students.


Brown worked in partnership with Memorial Episcopal and Boys Latin Elementary School to collect donated toys and clothing that were sold at affordable prices to Eutaw-Marshburn families in the Winter Wonderland store. The huge array of toys, games, dolls and books was almost gone before noon.


Those who participated reported that watching the faces of the folks who purchased the coats and jackets was gratifying. The parents were so pleased to have new (or almost new) choices for their children, as well as something for themselves.


Brown members and friends who served as Christmas elves and helped assemble, decorate and operate the Winter Wonderland store included Bonnie and Elden Schneider, Sandra Fink, Susan Saudek, Karen Nelson, Beth Goldsby, Lynda Burton, Ken Murray and Carol Graves.


Susan Saudek served as the resident photographer and snapped 274 photographs of children with Officer Edwards, a policeman who volunteered to play Santa Claus and arrived with two other police officers from the Community Engagement office at Police headquarters. They helped the children shop and passed out candy canes.


Tiffany Cole, Eutaw-Marshburn’s principal, gave the project a “thumbs up,” and suggested it be done again next year.