Fall Education Hour

Meditation Circle and Chancel Choir rehearsals at 9:30 am. Worship at 10:30 am followed by Lunch for All at 11:30 am. Education Hour classes for children, youth and adults starting in September at 12:15 pm. 


Spirituality and Disability: Restoring Wholeness (Bill Gaventa and the Diversity Committee) It Is All About Us—September through October 2

In exploring spirituality through our understanding about what it means to have a disability, we
come to the core human (and sacred) dimensions of spirituality. The core questions are not
about “them” but about all of us. The worlds of disability and spirituality have so much to offer one another and the result of merging the two in theory and practice can be lives that feel more whole for everyone. In this three-part series, sponsored by the Diversity Committee, we will be led to some answers but, more importantly, to a greater sense of curiosity, appreciation, and wonder about what it means to be human in all our forms.

Depression: The Intersection Of Faith And Mental Health (Dan Hale) October 9-23

Clinical depression is one of the most common and most serious mental health conditions, with more than 10 percent of American adults experiencing an episode of major depression each year and more than 20 percent experiencing at least one episode over their lifetime. Furthermore, depression is the major risk factor for suicide, one of the leading causes of death. Join professor and Brown Memorial member Dan Hale as we seek to better understand various facets of depression together.

Christian Nationalism in Our Politics (Matt Taylor) Oct 30 through Nov 13

There’s more and more talk about Christian Nationalism as a force in American politics, but what is Christian Nationalism? How are we to understand the “Christian” piece of it? For this series, ICJS scholar and Brown Memorial member Matthew D. Taylor draws on his current research to help us grapple with this challenge of our time.

Advent Wreathmaking on November 20 Following Worship

Join us at a new date and time – the Sunday before Thanksgiving – for our annual Advent Wreathmaking gathering in the Assembly Room. Only the date and time have changed, everything else remains the same. Bring some clippers if you have them; all other materials are supplied. If you are able a small donation is appreciated to help defray the material costs.

Exploring the Stories of Jesus’ Birth (Jack Hodges) November 27 through December 18

We call them “Birth Narratives.” They appear only in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Timeless tales of shepherds and sheep, Magi and camels, crowded together in a stable around Joseph, Mary and the Child. Just lovely, time honored, told down through the ages in word, song and art.


But is that what the Bible actually tells us? And what can this mean if that is not the case? Only two of the four gospels begin with an account of the conception, birth and childhood of Jesus. Both Mark and John keep their silence on any account of the birth and Luke and Matthew tell different tales. Join us as we explore these stories together.