Election Day Communion Nov. 8

Voting buttons lying on a flag.

After the election is over, the church has work to do – healing divides and working for justice here and around the world.  Brown Memorial, Memorial Episcopal and Corpus Christi will co-host an election day prayer service on Nov. 8 at 8 p.m., at Brown Memorial.  Join us as we pray for our neighbors, our nation and the church’s mission of reconciliation in a time of division and fear.


Other Election Day Activities

Also on Election Day, the Theology on Tap ministry group will hold it’s regular second-Tuesday, bar-based gathering at Tavern on the Hill, 900 Cathedral Street, at 7:30-9:30 p.m. The group normally gathers to discuss a theological topic over drinks, but given that it will be Election Day, everyone will meet to watch the returns come in and ask the question, “What will God ask of us on November 9?”


Earlier in the day, Brown members and friends are invited to join the No Boundaries Coalition to make phone calls, knock on doors and give people rides to the polls on election day. They are asking people to sign up in 2 hour shifts between 10a and 8p.  You can sign up directly online.