Entire Congregation will Divide into Small Groups this Fall

Members of a small group at Brown eat lunch together after worship.

Brown Memorial’s staff and Session are launching a renewed focus on community beginning this fall. And—in a spirit of experimentation and risk-taking—we are launching a “small groups” experiment with post-church kick-off scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 8.


To jumpstart this process, we are dividing the entire congregation into small groups of 6-12 people. Those groups will be encouraged to get together four times between Oct. 8 and Dec. 10. Groups will determine their own “curriculum,” with the expectation that every group will include prayer and some form of personal engagement and sharing. Groups will determine their own dates and times for meeting.


We know that some groups will jump at this opportunity and others may not gel. Our staff will work to quickly troubleshoot, shifting individuals who want to participate out of groups that aren’t viable and into ones that are. It is our hope that this intentional focus on weaving a stronger congregational fabric will deepen our sense of community and strengthen our faith in the process. 


Small Groups Kick-off Potluck, Oct. 8: Details

After worship Oct. 8, we will gather in the Assembly Room for lunch and small group assignments. During this time, the newly formed small groups will have a chance to meet briefly to decide how their group will function.


We’ll have some suggestions for groups but also want any group to feel that they can design their own gatherings, keeping two simple guidelines in mind—meet four times between Oct. 8 and Dec. 10, and include prayer as a part of each gathering.


Out of town Oct. 8? No worries, someone from your group will be in contact with members who cannot attend the lunch.