February Faith Topics Classes: Race and the American Church

A hand rests on an open bible.

Did Christianity justify slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws? Is Sunday still the most segregated day of the week? What should the beloved community look like?


Join us for a three-part education series led by Taylor and Tom Stewart where we’ll be exploring these questions while learning how race has shaped Christianity and the American Church throughout history.


This Adult Faith Topics class will take place on Sunday mornings, 9:45 a.m., in Room 201 of the Fellowship Building.


Class topics schedule:

  • Feb. 9, Exploring the Past (Christianity in Chattel Slavery Through Civil Rights)
  • Feb. 16, Exploring Today (Sundays: The Most Segregated Day in America)
  • Feb. 23, Exploring the Future (Dreaming of the Beloved Community)