The Brown Memorial Green Team invites you to share in two important initiatives:

(1) Healthy Green Maryland Amendment

     Go to to watch the following short video: 

   “Strike for a Healthy Green Maryland Constitutional Amendment.” 

  1. Watch this video and then call your state representatives and ask them to support House Bill 472. Find your legislator’s contract information here:
  2. Read up on what this Maryland Constitutional Amendment would do for you. Scroll to the bottom and download the appropriate faith-based talking points about the bill.
  3. Click to Tweet a message in support of the Green Amendment.

(2) Ban on Foam Food Containers

  1. The Foam ban has passed environmental committees in both the Senate and the House and now heads to the full floor in both chambers! All hands on deck to call your state Senators and Delegates and ask them to support SB 285/HB 109. Find your legislator’s contact information here:
  2. Click to Tweet a message in support of the Foam Ban.
  3. Not sure what this ban’s all about? Click here to read more.