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Small Groups are Back!

Sometimes purely social gatherings are just the ticket so we are bringing back small groups. This year we will have small groups focused on five different topics. Each is focused on a specific topic so you will meet or get to know better folks with a similar interest as yourself. The five new groups are: an Arts Group; a Lunch Group; a Dinner Group; a Retiree Group; and a Cooking/Baking Group. Each group will have their first meeting on Sunday, September 10th over lunch in the Assembly Room. For those of you who have already been assigned to a group, this first meeting will be an opportunity to meet the other members of your group and begin to make initial plans for your first formal gathering. For anyone else who is interested, come hear more about them; it’s not too late to join one (or two)!


​​Brown, Baltimore, and The Color of Law

The Color of Law (2017), written by American academic Richard Rothstein, traces the US government’s successful efforts to segregate housing in America.  Brown Memorial’s anti-racist task group invites members and friends to join this study group in the fall.  The group will 1. read the book and discuss its contents; 2. research specific points of connection between the policies in the book and the history of Baltimore and Brown Memorial; and 3. work together to prepare a congregational teaching that will happen in the winter during the congregational learning hour. We plan to meet every two weeks beginning Monday, September 25, 5-6:30 pm in the Church House.  Participants should be willing to commit to attending 6 of 8 meetings, with some research assignments jointly determined during our time together.  Interested?  Email [email protected] to join the group.


Literature & Faith, First Wednesdays, 7-9 pm (on Zoom)

A group that comes together to read and discuss a variety of short narratives and poems from the perspective of religion. Join us over Zoom as we explore the intersections of faith and literature. Email [email protected] to join the small group and receive information about the upcoming readings. Join us over Zoom with Meeting ID: 811 0698 9895 and Passcode: 139962.


Prayer Shawl Ministry, Third Thursdays

Knitters and crocheters alike of varying skill levels meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month for mutual support and fellowship as they work on Prayer Shawls to be offered to others in need. When a shawl is complete the group blesses it, the hands that made it and the one who will one day receive it. For more details contact leaders Carol Graves at [email protected] and Dianne Ross at [email protected].


Theology on Tap, Third Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

Theology is really just a fancy word for “God-talk,” the way we think and talk about our religious beliefs. But what happens when we take that conversation out of the church and into a bar? Each monthly gathering takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Guilford Hall Brewery, a local Baltimore City bar and is centered around a different theological topic. Come have a drink (or not) and talk theology. For more details contact leaders Elizabeth Tatum at [email protected] and Sam Edgin at [email protected]. Find us on Meetup: Theology on Tap – Meetup