Listen to our Summer Sermon Series: Antiheroes

Andrew at the lectern preaching.

What better time than the hot summer months to explore some of the Bible’s shadier characters?


For six Sundays during June and July, Andrew Foster Connors and Tim Hughes explored a different “antihero.” An antihero is a protagonist who “lacks conventional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage or morality. These individuals often possess dark personality traits such as dishonesty” (Wikipedia).


Cable television is full of antiheroes these days, but well before Breaking Bad or Mad Men, the Bible presented a host of ambiguous characters.


The following antiheroes were subjects in the sermon series: 


Eve.  Early earth adopter. Naturalist. Curious fruit consumer. Original sinner?

Samson.  Living offering. Body-builder. Serial monogamist. Terrorist?

Jacob.  Rascal. Innovator. Usurper. Dreamer. Double-crosser?

Rahab.  Self-employed. Family-oriented. Sex worker. Spy?

Judas.  Entourage-member. Treasurer. Griper. Deal-maker. Betrayer?

God.  All-Loving. Jealous. All-Powerful. Broken. Ever-present. Absent This Week?


Listen in here.