Rev. Nibs Stroupe to Preach Nov. 26

Nibs Stroupe protesting with Black Lives Matter supporters.

We are blessed to have Nibs Stroupe (father of Brown Memorial member Susan Stroupe) scheduled to preach with us on Nov. 26, 2017.  


Rev. Stroupe retired in 2017 after almost 34 years as pastor of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Georgia, a church nationally known for its dedication to racial diversity. His spouse, the Rev. Caroline Leach, was co-pastor with him at Oakhurst.


Oakhurst’s dedication to racial diversity has been widely recognized in the media—including Time magazine, the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor—as well as by scholars.  This 2011 article in the Decauter Patch reports how Oakhurst Presbyterian had a white Jesus in one of the church’s stained glass windows repainted black, as well as two disciples at Jesus’ feet. A woman disciple was also added.


Rev. Stroupe is the author of several books, including a collection of his sermons— “Deeper Waters, Sermons for a New Vision” —will be available after worship on Nov. 26 for purchase and signing in the Assembly Room. The books are $15 and cash or check are accepted. 


Also after worship on Nov. 26, a circle discussion will take place with the Race and Church group in the Assembly Room and any others who would like to stay and talk in-depth with Rev. Stroupe about his experience building and pastoring a multiracial church.


Rev. Stroupe’s website is, and he has a weekly blog at


(photo above courtesy of @deeperwaterssermons.)