Soaring Eagles Learning Camp 2016 Sparks Creativity

A girl writes during an exercise at the 2016 Soaring Eagles Learning Camp.

Friendships were renewed and many new friendships made this year during the annual Soaring Eagles Learning Camp (SELC) sponsored by Brown Memorial, June 27-30, at Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School. SELC is a summer enrichment program for Eutaw-Marshburn students to help them bridge the summer vacation academically.


Volunteer camp counselors from the Brown congregation, as well as the youth group from the Church of the Reconciliation in Chapel Hill, NC, engaged the campers in math games, hands-on science, creative writing, robotics and jazzercise. There was also plenty of time for the campers to read from the large library of gently used donated books in the “book nook,” and choose books to keep and take home.


The campers also published something of their own – the Soaring Eagles Magazine 2016. The magazine is a collection of the campers’ creative writing and artwork produced during creative expression exercises conducted by Elden Schneider (a retired English teacher) and Ken Murray (a former Baltimore Sun journalist). Each day, the campers answered a different question in writing and drawing, such as “Who are you? Do you ever get angry? How would you cheer up a friend? If you were a soaring eagle, where would you go, who would you see, and what would you do?”


View photos from the camp week here:

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