Sunday School Teachers Honored for Their Service Ranging from 1 to 30 Years

Sunday School teachers Charles Reichelt and Bonnie Schneider lead a Sunday School class.

(Pictured homepage:  Sunday School teacher Charles Reichelt with members of the high school class. Pictured this page:  Charles and fellow Sunday School teacher Bonnie Schneider.)


We took a moment to acknowledge and honor our Sunday School teachers in worship on May 21.  Confirmation Sunday seemed a very appropriate time to acknowledge the adults who have committed to preparing and leading lessons, week after week, for children, youth and adults. 


The average worship attendee may not know that we have nearly 20 adult teachers offering their gifts during the Education Hour.  We are grateful for the leadership of: 

Preschool and Elementary School:  Rebecca Crew, Rachel Cunningham, Sue Galusha Bobango, Rachel Smith, Jim and Theresa Veatch.
Middle and High School: Joanne Egan, Mary Obrecht, Chel Cavallon, Chris Golden, Tim Hughes Williams, Kate Foster Connors, David Nyweide, John Boumgarden, Susan Stroupe, Bonnie Schneider, Charles Reichelt, Chip Morgan Reigel, Kelsie Reigel Morgan.  
Adult Education: David and Laura Urban, Andrew Foster Connors, Tim Hughes Williams
Meditation Circle Leaders: Ted Ellquist, June Fletcher-Hill, Barbara Francis, McKay Jenkins
Two teachers deserve special acknowledgement this year. Charles Reichelt is retiring from the High School Sunday School class after a fantastic nine-year run. His consistency over the years guided many young people through high school and into college. Secondly, we say a heartfelt thanks to Bonnie Schneider.  Bonnie has helped teach Sunday School at Brown Memorial for over 30 years! Her legacy as an educator (as well as her husband Elden) has provided spiritual formation for generations of youth at Brown, some of whom return to volunteer as adults. We are very grateful to Charles and the Schneiders for all their years of service.  
Rest assured: if you are thinking of teaching Sunday School, we ask for one year commitments. But you may find yourselves hooked to this important work.