Youth Sunday is Feb. 12

A youth speaks from the pulpit during Sunday worship.

Our 10th-12th grade youth are hard at work on this year’s Youth Sunday Service, which is right around the corner. 
Two of our graduating seniors, Nick Forward and Jake Schindler, will be preaching a challenging and spooky text from Luke 8, featuring demons, graveyards, chains, and freedom. They’ll be asking the question, “What are our demons and what does it mean to be free?”  
Meanwhile, communion will be led by two newly minted youth elders, Josephine Finney and Grace Todd, along with newly minted minister Caroline Sell. Don’t miss their creative worship leadership, featuring special music ensembles and a brand-new piece of liturgical art.  
Finally, please plan to stay for a potluck celebration of our young people.  Food contributions are appreciated but not required.